Ultimate World is a surreal comedy about Phoebe and Teddy,

an ex-couple stuck riding out the remainder of their lease.  

Ultimate World was filmed in Austin, Texas in the autumn of 2017,

and is set for completion in 2019.

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written and directed by

Spencer Lucas and Nathaniel Hendricks

produced by

Amanda Parker

cinematography by

Jackson Warner Lewis

production design by

Lilly Byrd

Elyana Barrera as Phoebe

Zach DeSutter as Teddy

Ciara Peacock as Victoria

Doug Heinz as Pigeon

Franny Harold as Megan

Jazmyne Moreno as Zaria

Les Best as The Closet Man

Babe McGuire as Clementine

John Gholson as

The PowerPoint Stranger

coming soon