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  • Faded Target -- An aging carnival sharpshooter must pick up the pistol again when she finds herself pursued by a mysterious stranger. Is it a case of mistaken identity - or a mistake from her past looking to even the score? (dir. Mohit Jazwoll, 101 minutes, R)

  • The Other Side of Samuel -- Samuel can’t catch a break. Lonely, forgotten, and just plain tired, he attempts to leave our world , but his botched attempt leads him to discover another one - right in his closet! And in this other world, he finds another Samuel, who he could learn a thing or two from. A picture for the dreamer in all of us, wherever they may be hiding. (dir. Quentin Norwood, Jr., 95 minutes, PG-13)

  • When The Ice Thaws -- A pair of ragtag journalists catch a tip about an ominous government experiment. What they uncover goes all the way to the top… the top of the world!  (dir. Preston Jeterovski, 124 minutes, PG-13)

"she's with the band" lost pilot

Burt Levesque as Mickey Mayhem

Scottie Schwartz as Trisha

Our beloved customer Jill Piedmont recently brought to our attention that the unaired pilot of the cult Canadian sitcom She’s With the Band (1983-1984), was recorded over the last half hour of a UFO conspiracy tape in our collection.


She's With The Band, about a young woman who’s such a fan of a rock group she marries them all, was created by and starred Canadian comedian Scottie Schwartz, but was unfortunately cancelled after one season when she tragically died in a house fire. The pilot was thought to have been lost with her -- until now!


We’re beyond thrilled to play our part in television history! We hope Jill enjoys her year of free rentals!