Raul's Video Kingdom

every movie you need to see, est. 1986


Memberships are free! You just need:

  • Valid state ID, passport, or driver’s license

  • Debit/Credit Card

  • A love for movies!

Late Fees & Other Fines

  • New Releases: $2/day

  • All other titles: $1/day

  • Unrewound tapes are charged 25 cents

  • Unreturned movies will be replaced using your card information to buy the most expensive copy we can find online

Rental Rates

  • New Releases: $4 for 2 days
    Movies a Year or Older: $2.75 for 5 days

  • Kids Movies: $1.75 for 5 days
    Adult Movies: $4.50 for 5 days, and we promise not to tell anyone


  • Teacher Discount - 15% Off

  • Wednesday - Students Get 15% Off

  • Family Fridays: All family titles 2 for 1.

  • Raul's Test: If you pass Raul's movie trivia challenge, free rentals for life.