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  • The Bathroom Issue -- 08/14/17

Our blog is usually reserved for FUN NEWS and EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENTS. However, we’ve received a few NOT SO BUMPING complaints about GRAFFITI in our men’s room.


Remember, when you come to Flipper McCoins, the only thing you should be writing is your NAME under the HIGH SCORE section of your FAVORITE GAME!


Come to Flipper McCoin’s to be a WINNER, not a LOSER who makes our SPECIAL PLACE a little less special!


  • Pinball Championship Winners -- 05/21/15

We are VERY PROUD to announce the winners of our SEVENTH ANNUAL PINBALL CHAMPIONSHIPS.

3rd Place 

Pigeon Stuart

2nd Place 

Gina B.

1st Place 

Blake Kowalczyk

Winners received GOLD MEDALS and fifty FREE TOKENS, plus their photos will be added to our HALL OF FAME, preserving their acheivements FOR ALL TIME.

Remember -- you only LOSE if you GIVE UP on the FIRST TRY.


  • Prank Callers -- 02/17/14

We love FUN at Flipper McCoin's, but we think fun should be WHOLESOME. We do NOT like PRANKS. 

Some aspiring comedians have been PRANK CALLING us asking if we have the game Polybius. 


We have great games to play that are REAL.


  • New Games! -- 01/23/14

We are VERY HAPPY to announce we have added SEVEN CLASSIC GAMES to our collection!

  • Terror Castle II

  • Gun VS Lizard

  • Coral Canyon Rumble

  • Trappo Slappo

  • StealthBreaker IV

  • Space Retriever

  • Crackerjack Innings

The only thing COOLER than these new games will be PLAYING THEM!


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